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Deep in Mistral City's underworld sit a group of men and women in suits, faces covered in the shadows from their fedoras. The room is filled with hazy smoke, a low buzz of noise hanging over the cities most influential people. Even the police have noticed the lull in crime created by the gathering. Eventually one man rises, stubbing out his fat cigar with a pale hand, his voice low and gruff.

'Do we seriously have nothin' better to do than sit here waitin'?' All eyes raise to the symbol of a letter carved into the ceiling, hoping for a sign, anything to relieve the boredom.

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This is a blog based upon the Mobscast AU

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All content and images found in this blog are about the characters of the yogscast. We ourselves are not in anyway, shape or form, the real Yogscast. We don't use their real names for a reason, that is why we use 'Lalna', 'lomadia'. etc., instead of their actual names, even though they may use them in their videos more. We only use their concepts of character.

Our AU
Our AU is set in the 1920's-ish era in a city similar to New York, some of the characters are mobsters while others are police or their own buissness. See Mobscast history tag for more.

The Pumpkin King (The October Arc Begins)

It’s been a few about a month, now, maybe a little more. Who cares? This is the fucking time of the year that put a smile on his face, not the smile that he faked while he worked, nor the grin he used to keep people herding towards their predestined pens like sheep. He was the pale man’s herding dog. 

Woof. Woof.

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A message,
doctorfoxwolf24 whispered: What does Israphel have against the mobs?

Israphel: “The problem I have with these disgraces,” the pale man began, interrupting himself with a cough. “Ahem. I remember when I started the organized racket. It was simpler stuff then. Rigging elections. Cutting a slice of the taxes for ourselves. Peculier and John and I, we had this city in our fists.” He reaches into his desk and lifts a small vial. Israphel removes the cap from it and up-ends it, sand trickling out onto his desk. “And then it all slipped away, like sand through our fingertips. John got religious; Peculier grew a conscience. I got shot.” 

He started scooping the sand up in his hands, letting it move between his fingers, cascading back where it had been. “As to your question. We took our cut, yes. We exploited everything for ourselves, gave ourselves the advantage. But we also protected people. We kept our crime out of public eyes, out of the streets. Now? Honeydew, Sips, Ridgedog, Saplings, they are the disease. They corrupted Mistral. All through the streets, men die. Women fuck any stranger with the good money, right in the city center.” 
The pale man shut his eyes. 

"And when we were children, staying at the archduke’s, My cousin’s, he took me out on a sled, And I was frightened. He said, Marie,Marie, hold on tight. And down we went. In the mountains, there you feel free. I read, much of the night, and go south in the winter.”

He recalled. 

The man’s eyes opened and he smiled. “I just want the world right again. With Israphel on top.” 
A message,
Anonymous whispered: So I've heard that there are some new people in this town? Then would the 'fine gentlemen' please introduce themselves to me, because I'm kind of curious and I want to know, as we Dutch say it, 'what kind of meat we have in the tub here'. Yours truly, Gallifrey.

Smith chuckles at the saying. “Well us three fellows are Alex Smith, Ross Hornby and Chris Trott, but please call us Smith, Trott and Ross”, indicating to Ross and Trott as he speaks.
“We run Hat Corp, and we’ve recently set up a new branch in Mistral City.” Trott says. “Hat Corp is able to provide our customers with whatever items they need, or help with whatever job that they need carrying out. Nothing is too small or too large. We have always completed every job, no matter what it is.” He leans back in his chair. “If you are interested in arranging something with us, then please drop back in sometime. There’s always at least one of us around. Normally Ross, as he doesn’t have much of a life outside work.” Trott chuckles and Smith snorts at the statement.

Ross glares at them both, and then turns back to you. “As Trott was saying, we-” emphasising his point by quickly glancing back at the other two, “are always here if we are needed.” He softly smiles, his eye glinting. “We can always help.”

Parv: Ah yes, his absolute favorite kind of question; the kind that let him talk about himself. “Well, if you /havvve/ to know—,” the man started off with a grin, resting a hand on his chest out of some kind of mocking act of modesty. I’m Parvis, but you can just call me Parv for short.  I’m surprised you haven’t heard of me, but that’s okay, /I’ll/ educate you on my grandness,” he continued with a laugh, letting the hand drop off his chest to pull a black polished guitar onto his lap so he could pluck and strum a few strings and chords idly. ” Musician by day—-…” he paused for a second to knit his eyebrows together and let his eyes wander. “……still…..musician night….—BUT I do much cooler things at night when I’m not doing that!!” he said, letting his hand off his guitar as he rushed the last bit in attempts to fix his sentence without throwing off his ‘game’, much like he did when trying to impress Will. ” They’re just…so cool they get their own time.  -Shooty shooty bang bang time. -Tell dear Parvy Warvy everything you know wimey tim—WAIT, no!  Let me redo that last one- Dreamy..screamy..? Uh- Speak now or forever hold your peacy weasy? No-”  His voice died down to a mumble and his eyes went into his lap as he continued to speak to himself in deep thought. It didn’t look like he was going to refocus on the question any time soon.

Will: “William Strife.” He says, and gives you a piercing look. “I assume that you’re looking for a solution?” 

A message,
black-veil-butler whispered: Um, hello Toby. What is it like working with Martyn? Is it tedious or rather enjoyable? *Shifts uncomfortably while staring at his knife*

[Toby]:  “It’s uh. It’s interesting, I’ll tell you that. When we’re not busy getting our asses kicked, it can be pretty fun, yeah. Of course, he gets on my nerves sometimes. We’re friends, it’s our job. That answer your question?” He very carefully put the knife in his pocket, out of sight.

A message,
Anonymous whispered: To the hatfilms boys: What sort of... deals you got going? I know you provide some services that I'm prepared to pay handsomely for.

Smith: He looks up from cleaning what looks like a ZH-29 semi-automatic rifle on his desk, intertwines his fingers, resting his hands lightly on the desk. “We don’t discuss any sort of price until we know the details of the enquiry, just Corporation protocol” The stare that follows is unsettling.

Ross: “We are reasonable businessmen, therefore we work with our customers to provide the best service, but we do not give any sort of information up front. We would be happy to help with any enquiry you have. Please return with more details if you wish to buy a service of ours” he adds to the conversation, not breaking away from sorting through the paperwork on his desk.
A message,
Anonymous whispered: Ridge, you're really terrifying. Did you know that? I had a nightmare about you. It was something about how I got in trouble with you and you cut off every means of escape and then just watched me panic as you killed off my friends and family. So I was wondering: have you ever actually done that to someone?

The man let out a low chuckle. “My, my.. are you sure you’re not a reincarnation of someone I’ve done that to.. and you now jut remembered it? I always love cornering my victims, and then watching despair, panic and pain fill them. Not too much despair though, mostly fear. If they stop caring about their own future, there’s no way to get information out of them, because they stop caring what will happen. But yes. I have indeed done that before. It’s tricky, but sometimes that’s the only thing that will work.” He grinned at the end of the words, just looking you up and down. “say… how easy do you think your family would be to track down?”

A message,
Anonymous whispered: Anyone over at Endereye P.I. able to tell us what's been going on?

Rythian looked up from the messy pile of papers and put down the pen he was writing with. “A lot has been happening lately… Everyone has been running around…” He sighed. “I need to get these cleared off… Excuse me for a moment…” He mumbled, going back to writing.

[Teep:] He glanced around. Then shrugged. He opened his mouth to say something, reminded instantly that nothing would come of it. He shut up, grabbed a pen and put his words on paper. They were quick words, short. Nothing’s been right. 

Zoeya just sighed as she absentmindedly twirled her pen in her fingers, righting a stack of papers. “At least Teep is back. We’re all alive, and that’s what matters. I don’t know what’s going on in the city. The killings, kidnappings.. it’s just a bit too much sometimes.. Care for a cup of tea? I could show you my herb garden too?” Perhaps a distraction from the news was all she needed for a moment.

A message,
Anonymous whispered: How much is the price for a job from each of you?

Xephos: He smirks. “Much more than you could pay.” He laughs quietly before speaking again. “In reality I do not deal with money, ask someone else.”

[Martyn]: “Depends on the job you have in mind. Prices change depending on how hard the job is. I can’t be sending my saplings off on a lost cause of a job now can I?” 

[Sjin]: A twisted smirk curls onto his lips, and he just hums a
moment. “Well, it all depends on what job you’re looking for. What are
we talking about here..?” his voice drops a seductive octave, before
he frowns. “Oh right, you mean at Sips co. Well, we don’t hire randoms

[Teep]: He scribbles down on a piece of paper. Get out. 

Israphel: “I negotiate. It depends on level of difficulty. Importance of the target or location. Urgency to get it all done. And my general rule of half up front, half after it’s done.” 
Strawfingers: “If you gotta ask,” the man begins, his voice a low growl. He leans out and spreads out a toothy grin, his cheeks seeming to tear open. A single bead of blood drips down his right cheek. “You can’t afford it.” 
Ravs: “Ya dr’nk or so’thin, laddie? O’ly job Ah gets fer mix’n drinks.” 
Parvis:  ”For a gig?” Parv questioned, eyebrows knitting together as he thought about which ‘job’ and which ‘price' they were speaking about. It had to be a gig, right? But who asked that?  Not many people looked around for… ya know, /gigs/, unless they ran a bar or some type of club. “Unless…” he said trailing off as his thoughts about his music career fluttered out his ear. “'re looking for a solution.” 
[Ridgedog] “hmm? It completely depends on what you’re willing to do for us. Some things pay better than other things”
Ross: “You should talk to Trott about that one, he deals with the finance and other administration business” He waves you off to the direction of Trott’s desk.

Trott: *Nods at Ross’ comment* “Yes I do. At the moment Hat Corp is still being set up here in Mistral City, and we are not looking for people to work here, if that’s what you’re asking” He tells you. “But if you wish to-
Smith: “If we need something done”, Smith interrupts with “which is rare ‘cause we get things done here ourselves, then we’ll negotiate to a reasonableprice with the best person for the job.”
Trott: *scowls at Smith* “Shut the fuck up Smith.” He turns back to you “If you wish to perhaps work here in the future, then leave us some details. Or if you know someone who may be able to help us in a situation where we need the help, then it would be most helpful to let us know as well.”
Ross: “However if you are from a customer who is requesting a special arrangement, then a price will have to be discussed when details are given” he lazily adds. “Now please leave us, we have business to attend to.”
[Panda]: “I think you have the wrong guy, there, bud.” Panda pauses for a moment. “How the hell did you get into my office, anyway?”
[Toby]: He shrugged, as if this was a frequent question he received. “You’d have to ask Martyn about that one. Unless of course, you’re talking about a more personal involvement..”
[Lomadia]: “Price? I don’t have a price unless you go through my boss” she pauses for a moment “If I were to quit though… That’d be another story.
[Nilesy]: He smirks and looks around his office. “For friends in times of need, there is no cost.” He looks you up and down “But to a stranger like you? Prices can stem quite high…”
A message,
Anonymous whispered: [to Sips and Sjin]: Times are pretty stressful, right now, what are guys doing to relax?

[Sjin]: “Mm..” he smiles a bit lazily at you as he rests back in a large, poofy chair with a groan “A glass of scotch in my hand and fire place warming my feet” he sighs a bit, before continuing “Times have been rough, you’re absolutely correct…I’ve been shot for Notch’s sake…so I should be able to have my own time, Hm?” with that, he leans his head back, staring at the ceiling above “Just wish I had someone…a lover, to perhaps lift this stress” he mutters, taking a longer than needed sip of the cold beverage “Do me a favour and lock the door on your way out, darlin’…” his tone is wistful, almost sad…

A message,
Anonymous whispered: Dear mods of the Mobscast, I have a question about the background story of this series. If the Mistral City in this series is like New York, does that make Tekkittopia like the Mobscast version of Nazi Germany and Voltztania like the USSR? I was just curious because in this series Xephos is a former militairy and his backstory contains hints to a major war. Yours truly, Gallifrey. P.S: Can I please hear Honeydew's backstory?

Tekkitopia is not representative of Nazi Germany, but the previous German regime during the events of World War I, closer to the imperialistic kind that the our real world is familiar with.

To the same extent, Mistral City is just a part of Minecraftia, a version closer to the United States, for clear reasons. 

And Voltzia is closer to the post-Bolshevik revolution Russia that we see as present towards the very final years of World War I, close to the USSR but not quite there yet. 

Territopia, in a strange twist of fate, is sort of my amalgamation of Vietnam at the time of the Vietnam War, and Sicily, during both World Wars. Specifically, the Vietnam influence to explain the professional abilities of the army at the time, and Sicily because it was the breeding ground of organized crime that would flood the United States in the years to come. 

Xephos and Teep were both participants in the war, so both have their military background in their origins. 

We have literally never had a Honeydew mod, so his origin is as much a guess for me as yours is, dawg. 

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