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Deep in Mistral City's underworld sit a group of men and women in suits, faces covered in the shadows from their fedoras. The room is filled with hazy smoke, a low buzz of noise hanging over the cities most influential people. Even the police have noticed the lull in crime created by the gathering. Eventually one man rises, stubbing out his fat cigar with a pale hand, his voice low and gruff.

'Do we seriously have nothin' better to do than sit here waitin'?' All eyes raise to the symbol of a letter carved into the ceiling, hoping for a sign, anything to relieve the boredom.

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This is a blog based upon the Mobscast AU

This blog is open to asks, submissions and roleplaying.
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All content and images found in this blog are about the characters of the yogscast. We ourselves are not in anyway, shape or form, the real Yogscast. We don't use their real names for a reason, that is why we use 'Lalna', 'lomadia'. etc., instead of their actual names, even though they may use them in their videos more. We only use their concepts of character.

Our AU
Our AU is set in the 1920's-ish era in a city similar to New York, some of the characters are mobsters while others are police or their own buissness. See Mobscast history tag for more.

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Anonymous whispered: Dear mods of the Mobscast blog, is everything all right? The last message you guys posted was 3 weeks ago! I assume everyone is too busy with school business IRL to post anything? I was just curious. Yours truly, Gallifrey.

Yes, most of us have been busy with school/jobs but we do have a few things planned, keep an eye out for October!

~Mod Dusty

This Isn’t Bloody Money (An RP)

Lomadia: The air was chilly and leaves decayed on the concrete she walked along. She was here for answers, or at the very least some information regarding the terrible murders of some SipsCo employees and innocent children. She arrived at the small coffee shop just down the street from where the murders took place and searched for the face of Israphel’s secretary. Spotting her, she walks to the back of the shop and takes a seat. 

Lomadia: She extends her hand and introduces herself, “My name is Lomadia, from Mistral PD. Thanks for coming.” 


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The Rythian position has popped up, if you are interested in playing his part, let us know.

Lalna, Sips, and Honeydew are also still available

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Anonymous whispered: ( for all of you ) How's 'Business' been going lately? I'll buy you a drink if you answer ;)

[Xephos]:  He slowly cracks each of his fingers before considering your offer. “I don’t discuss business with anyone. Nor do I take drinks from strangers. Ever.”

[Martyn]: He raises a brow at you, a little smirk appearing on his lips after a moment. “I’d share but I have a little too much going on right now that’s very hush, hush. Though maybe if you butter me up some more I might share a little something with you.”
[Sjin]: Those blue eyes pierce into you for a while, just scanning over you features curiously. Before the intensity is broken, and the brunette man cracks into laughter, pulling up a bottle of scotch “I’d say none of your fucking business, but…” he pauses, like he is contemplating something. Ah, yes..”Yeah, none of your fucking business.”
[Dave]: There was a heavy sigh at the mention of business. What bloody business. Was his first thought There was only so much that the CV could do with all the rest of the world falling apart. Still it didn’t take long to recover and Mr. Chaos ran his fingers through his hair before pulling back on his hat. “Someone always needs something, all I have to do is wait for them to ask for it.” His eyes sparked a bit at the mention of a drink. “Though your bribery needs some work.” After all Dave could have very expensive taste. 
[Parvis]: It was a tempting thought. A free drink for a bit of information? Sounded like Parv’s kind of deal, but why spill the beans for one drink? They obviously wanted to know, so how much could he squeeze from them for free?  "How about you buy me two drinks/ first, then I’ll maybe answer… or maybe I’ll need another drink to loosen up these beautiful angel vocal chords of mine.  They are rather parched after my last gig. ” the musician answered, idly tapping his finger against the strap of his guitar case, grin spread across his face.  ”I think that it’s a great trade!  Only an idiot would spill the beans first, especially on what we’re up to.”
[Trott]: *snorts* “Yeah whatever sunshine. If I want a drink, I’ll buy it myself.”
Ross simply raises an eyebrow at your offer
[Smith]: “Ha! Can’t turn down a chance for a drink.” He smirks. “Although what I can share is of course restricted, can’t let the corporation methods be used elsewhere, they are effective and work very well.”
[Teep]: He scribbled something on a piece of paper and held it up, before gesturing for the asker to leave. 
I don’t drink. Fuck off.
[Toby]: “‘Buisness’ has been fine thanks. There, I’ve answered. Now where’s my drink?”
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Anonymous whispered: Any idea if BebopVox (and/or VerbalProcessing) will join this AU?

It’s always a possibility. Though we don’t advertise all characters of the yogscast on the blog, if you want to mod for one that isn’t listed already, send us a message about what you think the character could be in our au. If we like what we read we just might add you onto our team and add the character you want to play

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Anonymous whispered: (to kim) *holds up tape recorder* does sjin do anything weird in the office?

[Kim]: She shuffles uncomfortably. “He, um, I don’t always know what he gets up to in that office of his, but judging by some rather… inappropriate noises I’d say it isn’t exactly suitable for children, to put it one way…”

A message,
bamboo-on-bamboo whispered: Who do you work with, DaveChaos?

[Dave]: Mr. Chaos tilted his head a bit at the question. There was a welcoming smile as his hands linked behind his back.

“Oh you know anyone that needs something. I’ve done work for almost everyone at one point or another. My boys and me take pride in being able to get hard to find items.”

He answered vaguely before that welcoming smile took on a dangerous edge.

“You understand I can’t just give out such sensitive information like my clients names. What would happen if you happened to be working for someone … unsavory?”

He asked motioning with his hand for one of his guards.

“Client privacy and all that. You understand, don’t you?”

A message,
Anonymous whispered: What did it feel like killing that Scarecrow Toby?

[Toby]: He’d still not forgotten the heat of Mercy’s blood that had splashed onto his hand. Not for lack of trying. He held back a shudder, and scowled at the intruder. “None of your god damn buisness. Fuck off.” That infamous knife of his flashed in the low light, a silent warning.

Lalna is Now Open!

If you’re interested in being a mod for Lalna, please send us an ask or email to and we’ll send you a short application to fill out :)

It’d be great if you looked over their bios on the blog and some rp/asks he’s done so you get the feel of his character. 

You’re allowed to re-write the bio as long as it doesn’t change anything significant that would effect our story line.

Also, don’t forget that Honeydew and Sips are still open to potential mods!

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Anonymous whispered: (to Israphel and Strawfingers) How good of a boss are you two?

[Israphel]: “I don’t catch how you mean. Personally, I believe I’m a fine boss. I provide all the men who work for me with everything they need to eat, provide for themselves and family, and anything they need. Loyalty needs to be earned to run an emp-” He began coughing. 

[Strawfingers]: “I treat my men well. Until I don’t.” 
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