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Deep in Mistral City's underworld sit a group men and women in suits, face covered in the shadows from their fedoras. The room is filled with hazy smoke, a low buzz of noise hanging over the cities most influential people. Even the police have noticed the lull in crime created by the gathering. Eventually one man rises, stubbing out his fat cigar with a pale hand, his voice low and gruff.

'Do we seriously have nothin' better to do than sit here waitin'?' All eyes raise to the symbol of a letter carved into the ceiling, hoping for a sign, anything to relieve the boredom.

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This is a blog based upon the Mobscast AU

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All content and images found in this blog are about the characters of the yogscast. We ourselves are not in anyway, shape or form, the real Yogscast. We don't use their real names for a reason, that is why we use 'Lalna', 'lomadia'. etc., instead of their actual names, even though they may use them in their videos more. We only use their concepts of character.

Our AU
Our AU is set in the 1920's-ish era in a city similar to New York, some of the characters are mobsters while others are police or their own buissness. See Mobscast history tag for more.

A message,
Anonymous whispered: I heard there was a new guy on the block... Whats his name. Ah, Strife! I saw the video saying he wants to rule, want do you think?

[Martyn]: He pauses at the mention of this new fellow. He smirks a bit to himself before he lets out a laugh. “Strife huh? Well he’s going to have a bit of a hard time doing that with me around. I’ve been a thorn in everyone’s sides for awhile. Besides, if anyone is going to rule around here it’s going to be me and the Saplings. I wish him luck in trying, he’s going to need it.” 

Rail Bros]: Strippin looked up from an amber glass of brandy, “He wants to rule, eh? That’s Ridge’s job I think you’ll find.” Benji brushed a forelock of frosty hair from his eyes, “We may have to give this guy a visit layer Strips..” “I agree Bens” Strippin reached under the table, withdrawing a large threatening looking knife, “Looks like we have some business to attend to…”

Xephos: “Strife…” He repeats the name, rolling it around his mouth like a fine wine. “It seems the ghosts of my past are out to haunt me.”

Rythian: ‘Strife, huh?’ he paused, ‘Well as long as he doesn’t get in any trouble with the mobs, me and him won’t have a problem’

[Strawfingers:] He chuckled sliding a scalpel along the side of his cigar, puffing the smoke. He breathed the smoke out in small rings. “Likes to talk? Scarecrows don’t need tongues.” 

[Israphel:] He coughed. “Don’t know the man, but he best know his place, otherwise, I will not be held responsible for what my man does to him.” The albino brushed his suit clean and walked away. “I have a company to run, thank you. Be off.” 
[Ravs:] “Oi, if ya tryin’a threat’n me, come ba’ when Ah’m less drun’, aye?” 
[Sjin]: “Strife? What kind of a dumb name is Strife?” he can’t help the laugh, running a hand gently through his fluffed, brown locks, before easing the fedora upon his scalp “I ain’t heard of him so far, but I hope he knows not to fucking mess with Sips co, mother trucker..” 
Lomadia: She looks up at you from her seat at her desk, papers scattered on top of its surface haphazardly.  She smirks at you “You doubt my ability to know about the newbies. Of course, knowing about them and doing something about them is another story…if my damn boss would actually give me more clearance, I could get more info…”
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Anonymous whispered: Honeydew and Xephos, any plans for after the alliance (because between you and me, it ain't gonna last long after this blows over)?

Xephos: He sighs, quietly contemplating your words, his eyes dart back and forth as if reading but they only look over his scotch glass, half empty with water. “I assume things will return to a similar way as before. Less death? More death? We will never be sure. All we can do is pray and hope.”

A message,
Anonymous whispered: So, Toby... Care for a drink or two on me? I'd like to talk to you and decided might as well make it worth your while.

"A drink huh? Well, I don’t suppose I have much of anything to do. Anything specific you wanted to talk about?" He threw a questioning look at the lady, wondering why he was suddenly a person of interest.

A message,
Anonymous whispered: How's your pride doin', Lalna? Still hangin' in there by a shred?

Lalna: Hey, I’m hanging on by more than a shred!

I’ve nearly fully recovered from all the stuff that’s happened. Hand’s doing good. I’ve been keeping a low profile, too. No need to worry about me…
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Yes, yes it does

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Anonymous whispered: How are the injuries, Mr. Dogfather?

"I do not know how you managed to find out about them, but what would you expect after a mad man tries to lop off your arm?" He narrows his eyes a bit, glancing around the hideout.. how had this person even found him? "I can use my arm, and that’s all the information I can risk to give to you.. but then again" A thoughtful look flashes behind his eyes, before a smirk tugs at the scars on his face. "I don’t believe I can risk you going out in to the city again… Israphel might catch you, and now you know where I am.. Men! Standard safety procedure. Make sure this person is not found.." As the bang of a gun echoes through the area, the last you can see is the sweep of the Dogfather’s coat as he turns to walk off.

Small steps

When a person is sad, they often drowned their sorrows in alcohol. The liquid numbed the pain, if only for a short while, but that short while was often worth it to the drinker.

Unless you were Panda, in which case you just sat at the bar and drank water, to avoid getting completely drunk after only half a glass of alcohol.

He honestly didn’t need that after last time that happened.

“How was I supposed to know she was the mayor’s daughter? And how was I supposed to know she was allergic to peanuts?” Panda thought, bitterly before shaking his head.

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A message,
Anonymous whispered: Hey Lalna! How you doing, eh? Trying out any new experiments lately?

I’ve been able to fit in a few new tests between my usual work. I need loads more chemicals for them, though.
I’m trying to restore my supply of chemicals, but I’m only just beginning to pick up where I left off after I was so rudely interrupted last time.
Bloody scarecrows.
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Anonymous whispered: @Martyn; Well... I would happen to share such fondness for you, and I did happen to give you a bottle of wine... Though there is the fact that if you've already got someone special in your life, I respect that and will distance myself accordingly.

[Martyn]: He pauses a moment before a smile lights up his features. “I remember you! I was wondering what had happened to you. Glad to see in all the chaos that went down you’re alright…” He chuckles a bit at her, reaching out his hand and taking hers gently a moment. “Now, now~! I don’t quite have anyone special in my life as of yet. Right now it’s a bit dangerous to be seen with me out and about but, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of you around, Miss Nay.” He lifts her hand up, placing a light kiss on her knuckles before smiling at her. 

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Anonymous whispered: Hello! I noticed you Guys are quiet lately. Can I ask why? (Sorry for my bad English)

(Your English was fine! :] ) We’re on a break and not many people have been asking questions. Also, I don’t require our mods to answer a question if they don’t want to or can’t think of a way to answer it. We do try our best though! Since most of us are in school, major story arcs are hard to commit to so we probably won’t have one of those until the summer :)

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